QBO Common Errors

My Quantity tracking in QBO is turned off however there are still duplicate COGS entries posted in QBO?


The inventory type products previously tracked in QBO remain tracked even after the tracking is turned off. In order to rectify the issue, the old products need to be deleted and new products created.

To delete the QBO products:

  1. Navigate to the product list in QBO and make all products either inactive, deleted or non-inventory
  2. Once this is done please let us know so we can unlink the QBO catalog on the back end). Do NOT re-sync with QBO until you hear back from us.

The COGS transactions that you see posted as part of the invoice are QBO generated and need to be fixed manually. The easiest way is to create a reversing manual journal for such items.

What will happen when you delete all products from QBO:
We will re-set your product export with QBO so that all current products in DEAR will be re-exported to QBO on your next sync.

To avoid any issues:

  1. First check that all your QBO products are currently in DEAR.
  2. Delete all products in QBO.
  3. When you delete products in QBO it is automatically renamed and this will allow you to recreate another product with the same name.
  4. All products in DEAR will be recreated in QBO by DEAR when we give you the go ahead to re-sync.