Create a bank rule to help you reconcile bank statement lines that you haven't created transactions in DEAR for.

How to Create a Bank Rule

  1. Go to Financials > Money Movement click Bank Accounts. 
  2. Click I would like to > View Bank Rules. 

  3. In the View Bank Rules screen click Create new rule and select from: 
  • Spend Money Rule 
  • Receive Money Rule 

  • Enter the conditions to build the rule. 
  • Click Save

  • When an existing rule is found based on set conditions DEAR will suggest a match. Click apply rule to automatically reconcile transaction.  


    What's the difference between Any and All?

    • All - The rule is applied only when every condition is met. If one condition doesn't match, for example if a particular piece of information is missing from a statement line, then the rule will not run. This makes the rule more restrictive. 
    • Any - The rule is applied if only one of the conditions is met. The rule won't fail just because one or more conditions doesn't match. This makes the rule less restrictive. 

    Allocating fixed value line items (optional) and the remainder

    You can set up your bank rule to allocate one or more fixed-value portions of the transaction to an account in your Chart of Accounts.

    After you've set up any fixed value allocations, you need to tell DEAR what to do with the balance of the transaction. You can allocate the remainder to one account in your Chart of Accounts or split it between two or more.


    • The Amount of a fixed value allocation as either a positive or negative number with up to two decimal places 
    • The Percent of a remainder allocation as either a positive or negative number with up to two decimal places