Receive Money [this is now part of money movement]

Use Receive Money in DEAR to quickly enter transactions for money going in to your organisation's bank account.

Creating Receive Money transactions from the Account Transactions tab is the quickest way to create multiple Receive Money transactions at one time.

To create a quick Receive Money transaction:

  1. Go to Financials > Money Movement > Bank Accounts. 
  2. Click on the name of the bank account you're receiving money in. 
  3. Select Account Transactions tab.

  4. Click the + Add Transaction button and select New Receive Money. 
  5. Enter information into the Receive Money fields. 
  6. Click Complete.

Receive Money fields explained

This section provides guidance and tips on the Receive Money fields. Not all fields are compulsory


  • From

Enter the name of the customer who has paid you. If it is a new customer click the Add new Customer in the drop down do add them to your customer list in DEAR.

  • Reference

This field is mandatory.

Choose a reference to suit your organisation.

  • Date

This will default to today's date. You can change this.

  • Tax Inclusive/ Tax Exclusive

Select how you would like sales tax to appear in your Receive Money transaction.

If your Receive Money transaction has sales tax, tick the check box for Tax Inclusive or leave unchecked for Tax Exclusive. The only difference between these two options is whether your Receive Money transaction lines and subtotal include or exclude sales tax. Both options calculate the same sales tax amount.

  • Product

This field is mandatory.

Select an inventory or service item if you have set up for your organisation.

  • Comment

This field is optional.

Enter as much text as you'd like to describe what your Receive Money transaction is for.

  • Qty

Enter the quantity of items you've bought. Leave this field as 1.00 if your Receive Money transaction is for only one item such as interest income.

  • Price

You can enter positive, negative or zero amounts but the overall Receive Money transaction can't be negative.

  • Discount

You can enter a discount percentage to be applied to the total line item.

  • Tax Rate

Select tax rule applicable to the transaction.

  • Account

Select the account (from your Chart of Accounts) you would like your Receive Money transaction coded to.

If you have set up a default sales account for your customer, DEAR automatically fills in this field for you.

Select Add new account to create a new account.