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Q: Do you integrate Amazon, eBay, and Magento sales invoices?

A: Yes DEAR is capable of integrating with different sale channels and among them are Amazon, eBay, and Magento.

For ecommerce operators, Dear offers order aggregation, catalogue management, bulk publishing and a lot more.

Q: I could not seem to be able to see the Amazon orders. I tried to re-download the order and it does not seem to work.

A: Please ensure that you have selected a Customer from the relevant drop down in Integration>Amazon>Setup page. The customer is used in case in choose to consolidate orders for the day. You may need to first create a generic customer before selecting from the drop down.

Q: I just had a question from a potential client that I wasn't able to answer. Does Dear's Amazon integration work with Japanese Amazon stores, or is it limited to Canada, the US, and Europe? If its not available what is future plans about it?

A:Unfortunately we are not compatible with Amazon Japan. With Amazon we are only compatible with North America, US, Canada, Mexico & Europe. Regarding future plans to integrate with Amazon Japan, this largely depends on the demand. We encourage you to leave the suggestion on our forum to let other users to vote for the request.

Q: I have encountered the following questions/issues during my test. Could you please clarify them below? Thanks!

- If the channel does not send down currency code, would it be auto registered as the base currency? I am selling on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and I do not believe they send down a currency code so that Amazon.com order might come in as CAD order even though it is USD order.
- "Default Line Tax", "Default Additional Charges Tax" and "Shipping Tax", how do these setting affects the order? If the channel is already set up with tax, how would the tax be mapped to XERO? I am in Canada and we have GST (federal tax) and PST (provincial tax) so a order might have 2 tax components from WooCommerce. I have setup WooCommerce to calculate the proper tax for each component but I do not see those tax codes in DEAR that I could map to Xero. DEAR only has 3 tax types.
- Products Links: I pulled items from Amazon and from Bigcommerce (only some came in from BigCommerce due to error). How are these matched? Currently the Amazon items are not matched up to the BigCommerce items even though they are the same product SU. What are the requirements that allows the items to be linked properly?
- I am having issue with downloading products from BigCommerce and also listing products onto BigCommerce. Please see the attached screen shots for the errors. I have checked BigCommerce and there are SKUs for all products and variations.

A: Answer your questions are as follow

1) Amazon sends currency code for order. In case if currency code is not sent by Amazon, DEAR uses base currency.

2) Default Lines tax is used for order lines. Additional Charges Tax is used for Shipping and other additional charges. These tax rules will be used when no other tax rules from mapping matched received order. But regardless of what tax rule is selected tax value from order will be preserved as in WooCommerce.

3) Amazon and Bigcommerce provides different product information. DEAR tries to find the product by SKU first and if not found, then by Name.

4) We are in contact with BigCommerce support to resolve the issue.

Q: We sell on both US Amazon and EU Amazon. Can DearSystems do both accounts at the same time? Or do we have to purchase one only.

A: Multiple Amazon stores are supported at the same time you can set these up in the Setup page of Integration>Amazon page. Please take a look at this video tutorial explaining the process of setting up Amazon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gUKcivUvHI

Q: How do I record samples of stock in the Sales Order process other than as a zero amount sale, as my client does not want this to skew his gross margin on those items?
How do we link Amazon SKUs to Dear…where the SKU code in Amazon is different to the SKU code in Dear for the same item – how do we map it?
How do we allocate Orders set up in Dear tso that they are reflected SKU by SKU in Xero? Is that possible?

A: Unfortunately the only way to provide samples is to either create a 100% discount for the item. Margin is calculated based on Average Cost in DEAR and should not be affected by the discount.

SKU is the unique identifier in DEAR and attempts to map products by this parameter, therefore it is not possible to map various SKUs to the same product in DEAR.

As long as the product has been synced from DEAR to Xero, it will be itemised on the invoice which goes from DEAR to Xero.

Q: I was wondering if DEAR can support Amazon Vender Express. This is a new program by Amazon to buy wholesale from suppliers directly and then fulfill as Amazon. This is a totally different thing from Amazon seller central and FBA. Amazon is moving in the direction of VE. Can Dear support these orders? https://vendorexpress.amazon.com/

A: Thanks for your suggestion. In order to have connection to this new system we need to check if Amazon Vender Express already has API interface that can be utilized to pull orders and products from this application. Our developers are in process of investigation and we will come back with answer once they finish.

Q: I have three unshipped orders on Amazon and they aren't processing on DEAR for some reason.
I tried to manually process one but nothing happened. I have tried to load products, and load orders from the correct dates but they simply aren’t showing up. They are sitting in unshipped on amazon and ready to be processed.

A: Please manually delete these pending entries from Amazon integration log and try to load these orders again manually. Most likely there is a product mapping issues which does not allow to properly capture these orders. You should see what exactly is the issue for these orders when downloading manually.

Q: Do you have any videos or articles on how to process sales orders in bulk that come in from eBay & Amazon. I haven't found one yet.

A:Please take look at the following Amazon video describing how to process orders in bulk, essentially you can either consolidate orders that are captured for the day or automate the fulfillment process of pick, pack and ship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gUKcivUvHI

Q:I do not have amazon pro account and it's not as easy as just asking them for an upgrade... I've already asked and they still don't have the ability. I would have to recreate all my listings and that would be a crazy amount of work. Can I not use DEAR if I have just have a regular amazon marketplace account?

A:Unfortunately API interface is only available in Amazon Pro account. We can't communicate with your account and pull sales if API is not available.

Q:We are currently looking into a new order/inventory management system. We have 5 Big Commerce Stores, 3 Amazon marketplaces stores, and 2 Ebay stores. It was unclear from your features if you can handle this channel mix. Please let me know and I will continue to evaluate the product further.

A:We support unlimited number of BC and Amazon stores, but unfortunately at the moment only one eBay store can be connected. We are planning to provide multi-store functionality for eBay platform in September-October 2015.

Q: I am currently trialing Dear Inventory & Xero and just had a few questions regarding the Amazon integration that hopefully you can help with.
1) When integrating with Amazon in regard to the sales information brought back into Dear do the numerous Amazon charges incurred get split up & reported by Dear individually daily or are they a consolidated daily total?
2) I am setting up both Xero & Dear from scratch from the beginning of the NZ financial year at 1st April 2015. I have loaded into Xero the opening Trial balances (note we had zero inventory). In regard to inventory from then, in Dear, I have set up all our supplier contact details and all stock items. Is it best then, in Dear, in order to bring the accounts up to the current date, to enter all the inventory purchases and ignore any sales from the inventory? Then once all inventory is entered to link up to Amazon and enter from 1st April and all sales will then be reported from that date and stock will be deducted accordingly in Dear? I look forward to your reply in order that I can progress with our set up this end.

A:1. We load all sales individually and depending on Amazon setup either create individual orders in DEAR or one consolidated order for the day.

2.Generally you need to load initial balance effective as at given date and all purchases and sales after this date must be imported/inputted as purchase and sales invoices in DEAR. You will be able to load historical sales from Amazon. Stock will be deducted accordingly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gUKcivUvHI

Q:My main question with this company now is that they are planning to integrate Amazon and Shopify. For Amazon they have Amazon's automatic SKUs and ASINs and slightly different titles. For Shopify they have SKUs different from Amazon ASINs. I wonder if there is anything that I can do to "link" them. What are the fields in Amazon used to match the products? title, SKU, ASIN... anything else? Also I do not see any additional fields in Shopify to use... only SKU and barcode are there. And barcode is also occupied.

A:Please make sure Amazon and Shopify have the same SKUs for the product, and all SKUs in Shopify are unique. We can import only unique SKUs but in Shopify SKU can be duplicated.

Q: Hi.  We have our stock in Dear main warehouse for example as SKU1: 12 x PWR+ Drinks.  On Amazon we sell as packs of 5 (SKU5) and 12 (SKU12) of this stock.  I've set up Amazon as a warehouse in Dear so that Amazon sales are picked only from the Amazon warehouse.  How do I map my SKU1 stored in our main warehouse to SKU5 and SKU12 in the Amazon warehouse.....I guess I do a stock transfer from the main warehouse to the Amazon warehouse....but SKU1 doesnt match SKU5 and SKU12 that I need to have in the Amazon warehouse to match the Amazon sales.  Thanks

A: Yes, you need to transfer SKU1 from the main warehouse to the Amazon warehouse. If SKU5 is a pack of 5 SKU1 then you can set SKU5 as auto-assembled product with 5 units of SKU1 in the bill of materials. Then once the sale order for SKU5 is authorized SKU5 will be assembled automatically.

What if In Dear a single is called sku1 but in Amazon that single has been set up as SkuA How can I match the sale of skuA in Amazon to the stock in warehouse called sku1?

We are thinking of possible ways to map SKUs from different sale channels however currently we do not have a solution for this. If you have different SKUs in Amazon you can consider adding auto-assembly bill of materials for SkuA with sku1 as a component so it automatically can pull the corresponding item.

Q: I have read a problem that DEAR has with Amazon integration. The title was:  "DEAR recently launched Amazon integration in Beta, which is great, however, in order to synch items in DEAR to your store the product titles need to be the exact same.  This causes a problem when the desired listing on Amazon needs to be different than on other channels.   In my example, we're the manufacturer with our own Shopify Store and we have a presence on Amazon.  When we list on our own Shopify store we have no need to call out our brand in the title of our goods, however, when we list on Amazon that becomes completely necessary.
Also, titles on Amazon are CRUCIAL to search rankings so the ability to flex and try new titles for better rankings serves a business well...but with Dear, that's not possible.   In order for the Amazon integration to provide real value the title issue needs to be resolved." We are having exactly the same problem, we have many different listings and they need to be different titles. When are you scheduled to fix this issue, as this is massive stumbling block to integrate with Amazon.

A:DEAR uses SKU as unique identifier as well as product name, this helps automate the process and simply listing/downloading of products from other channels. No solution is currently available, we will continue to review this and will notify users of any changes to current functionality.

Q: I cannot figure out how to load products onto Amazon using the new Amazon integration. I have 226 products in Dear, also listed in Amazon Catalog tab on Dear, and I'd like to create amazon listings for them.

A:Product listing from DEAR is not available in the current integration. Products can be loaded from Amazon however cannot be published to Amazon. We are looking into options to create a separate module which will allow product publishing to Amazon.

Q:How do I combine products so inventory is kept in sync? I sell on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Magento, and Shopify. On some of these channels the sku is different. For example, Etsy always creates its own sku and I can't change it through Etsy. How do I combine this item with the same item with a different sku in Magento?

A:In DEAR the SKU is the unique identifier, ideally the SKUs would be the same across all of your sales channels. Currently it is not possible to combine or link products with different SKUs as the system automatically attempts to match products based on the SKU and description.