FAQ Xero Integration

Q: Does Dear Systems not sync automatically with Xero or do I have to keep pressing the "Sync" now button?

A: The integration Can be set to be synced at a scheduled time. However,  this can be triggered by using Sync Now button as well. Most users find that this method provides more control over what is ultimately imported to the accounting app as you have the ability to skip certain transactions from going across. 

Q: How can I change synchronisation pending to skipped for all items? I have 384 items that I don't want to sync

A: Unfortunately a bulk Skip operation is not currently available, to skip transactions you would need to change individual entries status from Pending to Skipped.

Q: Our company is trying to sync dear invoices to Xero and print out the invoices on Xero. However, Xero does not recognise shipping addresses from Dear for our Compass Group which includes multiple customers. Therefore, is it okay for us to put the site code and customers' names in brackets after 'Compass Group'? For example: Compass Group (site code Northshore Hospital). In that case, Xero will pick up the shipping address. But we will need to send multiple statements to Compass Group instead of one. Is that okay?

A: You can print invoices from DEAR without any complications. If you opted to use Xero for this task we don't see any issues with adding any info in brackets after the company name.

Q: How do I turn inventory tracking in Xero off?

A: Tracked products in Xero do not sync to Dear. This is a requirement when you are using DEAR as the master inventory. To untrack the products in Xero, please refer to this link: https://help.xero.com/us/Inventory-TSUsed or you may also get in touch with Xero support for more details on this.

Q: My products from Xero won't sync to DEAR.

A: Possible causes products are not pulled from Xero:

  •  Products are not pulled from Xero if Load items from Xero is not checked on the Integration --> Xero.

  •  Items loading from Xero will only for for items updated since last sync with Xero. To be able to pull products prior to last sync with Xero, go to Integration > Xero > Sync History/Review > Load historical transactions  to bring in the inventory list. Please specify the starting date before the products were created in Xero. 

Q: To begin using Dear, Should we pre-populate all customer informations, supplier as well as products into Xero first then integrate with Dear? We are a company that also assemble raw materials into finished product, but since Xero does not deal with this, should we just manually enter them into Dear instead?

A: When using DEAR we recommend to run your accounts/payable receivable in DEAR and export data to Xero. This guarantees the most consistent result. Our definition of 'product' requires more info than Xero, it makes sense to input ( or import from CSV) products list, customer and supplier data in DEAR.

Q: We are wondering, under Payment Term, some of our suppliers pay us according to schedule payment table (e.g. 25th of the following month, the date may shift by a few days depending if it lands on a weekend on national holidays). How can we enter this into Dear? In Xero we were able to specify the date it is due. Is it at all possible to do the same in Dear?

A: We have Due date field available, you can input anything you need.

Q: Because we trade with international customers in USD, we also have a "Foreign Currency Deposit (FCD)" account where we can accept USD without converting it them into local currencies. In Xero, we can specify which account the income/expense will go into (if its an FCD account then the currency amount is preserved). Is this functionality supported in Dear and how can I implement them.

A: This is supported in DEAR. When we send data to Xero we supply account name and amount in original currency. Xero will know what to do with this info depending on the settings in Xero. 

Q: We're converting from MYOB to Xero & Dear. The MYOB conversion creates draft invoices in Xero for any open orders from MYOB. Do you know of a way to get the data from Xero into Dear in a draft order state?

A: Draft invoices can't be imported from Xero to DEAR. You need to authorise invoice in Xero in order to export it to DEAR.

Q: I am trying to set up integration for Dear and Xero. However, there is no option for Xero in the drop down list of the integration tab. Could you please help me with Xero and Dear integration?

A: When you signed up for the trial, you need to Xero as the accounting application to enable integration

Q: I wants to amend the way that Dear is integrated with Xero so that when I enters a purchase invoice in Dear it is coded to materials purchased and transferred as a draft. This is so that when the bookkeeper gets the physical invoice she can check it and then approve/amend it.

A: To change the status of invoices going into Xero please go to Integrations>Xero and change Xero Invoice stats from authorised to draft.

Q: Had a bunch of dummy suppliers in xero and they got synced to dear. Just went back and archived them in xero, but can seem to remove them in dear?

A: You will need to change the supplier status from Active to Deprecated and then use more drop down to delete theses from the system.

Q: I would like to know if I use the invoice online payment service from Xero, Dear can pick up the payment information from Xero. We are thinking about change the invoice template using the logo and the link for the payment from Xero.

A: We will definitely be able to pick up payments that are applied in Xero. We have a 2 way sync for payments so you can apply payments in either system.

Q: If we change an existing invoice/bill in Dear that has already synced to Xero, will the syncing process amend Xero, or do we need to make the change in Dear then manually make the change in Xero too?

A: If you make a change to an invoice in DEAR it will automatically update that invoice in Xero when you sync.

However you need to make sure that there is no payment applied to that invoice in Xero because if there is a payment applied in Xero then you will need to undo that transaction in Xero for the changes to sync over from DEAR.

Q: Do you provide a Demo Company environment for your clients like Xero does??

We have an account with you and have integrated with our Xero. There are some very substantial changes happening to the company and we don't want to flow any data into Xero, NOR do we want any testing data or residual data in our Dear account before we go live with your system.

Accordingly, having access to a Demo Company under our login would be excellent !!

A: We do not have a demo account like the one Xero provides. However if you need to trial something just create yourself a new trial account you get 2 weeks on it. And if you need it after it expires just delete it and re-sign up again.

Q: The client on a number of occasions do special jobs, which require a mixture of inventory items. However the client just wants to show a one line description instead of multiple lines. I know about the Bill of Material process, which we use on regular assemblies. My thinking is to create an invoice in DEAR with all the items listed - Sync it to XERO delete all the lines and put in a one line description. Not changing Customer, Inv # or Amount. Is this OK?

A: DEAR won't update existing sale task from Xero. So it is safe to do these changes in Xero directly after sync.

Q: Include in Email field not pushing data, why?

A: The "Include in Email" field for default contact is redundant, because Default Contact Email is placed in "Email To" fields for all statements.
Not default contacts with "Include in Emails" check boxes will be added to CC email fields and will receive email too, but the "Include in Email" field does not have any sense for Default contact.
When importing primary contact from Xero, this tick box is getting un-ticked because default contact doesn't need it.