This report allows to find all sales included in specific purchase order created via Reorder Backordered function.


Following are input for this report

Only not shipped sales
Option to select Only not shipped sales or all Sales
Update button which refresh report results
Apply Filter
This button show option to set filter on fields used in report
This button will allow user to export report data in Excel, PDF or RTF format



After setting inputs described above, when you press update button, report will refresh as per inputs, there are following output field available for this report 

Purchase Order #

 Purchase order number identifying purchase order created via Reorder Backordered function.

Purchase Invoice #

 Invoice number issued by supplier.

Invoice #

 Invoice Number identifying sale invoice.


 Supplier name.

Stock Received

 "Yes" if Stock Received is authorised on Purchase, "No" otherwise.

Sale Order #

 Sale order number identifying backordered sale.

Sale Order Date

 Date of sale order.

Sale Invoice #

 Sale invoice number identifying backordered sale invoice.


 Customer name.

Customer Reference

 Reference provided to the customer.

Sales Representative

 Sales representative associated with the sale.

Ship By

 Ship your sale by this date.

Ready for Shipment

 Indication if sale is ready to be fully picked and shipped.

Supplier Additional Attribute 1-10

 Values of Additional supplier attributes.

Customer Additional Attribute 1-10

 Values of Additional customer attributes.