My Subscription

To manage DEAR subscription you will need to navigate to My Account area and you're able to 

  • view the subscription, 
  • change your password, 
  • and log-off from the system. 

Let’s take a look at My Subscription.

My Subscription page displays the details of your subscription: 

  • your current plan and the ability to change that plan up or down, 
  • the number of total users available in the plan as well as number of active users, 
  • and the ability to add more users to your plan which will come at an additional monthly cost.  

You're then provided with the number of locations available in the plan, and the number of active locations, and the ability to add more locations to the plan which come at an additional monthly cost.  

You also have the ability to reactivate your subscription plan or cancel that plan depending on the current status.  

You're then provided with payment details.  You're given the price of the base plan, if any discounts have been applied to your account, and the estimated payment, the next payment date, and also the payment method which can be changed by following the link.

The details of the referral program are also displayed in the My Subscription page.  The referral program works in the following way.  

  1. You will need to invite another business to use DEAR Inventory and we'll need to provide them with this unique code.  
  2. When the user who was invited joins DEAR Inventory on a paid subscription, you will receive a 10% discount on your base plan.  
  3. And that will repeat for as many users that you invite to use DEAR Inventory.  Essentially, you could achieve free subscription for yourself if you bring in 10 other unique users.  

The customers who are invited will also receive a discount for six months at 10% discount off the base plan will be received.  You're also given the list of current referrals who signed up to DEAR Inventory and who were provided with your unique referral code.  

You're also able to view the payment history for your DEAR Inventory account.  You're able to view the individual invoices for the various payments by selecting them from the grid.  

Change Password

To change your account password, you will need to navigate to My Account and then select Change Password.  You will need to enter in the email address, which will trigger a password reset link.  You will need to access this link within your email client and follow the relevant instructions to change your password.