To access reports, navigate to the Reports module. Here you'll be able to find purchase-related reports, sale-related reports, inventory reports as well as financial reports.

To access a report, simply select it from the list.  The report header will contain all the various data fields available in this report with a relevant description.

  • you have the ability to set the time frame for the report by specifying FROM and TO date.  
  • you can also select a currency to display the report in, 
  • filter the information to eliminate some of the data on the screen, 
  • and export the data in Excel, PDF or ITF format.  

The report grid is highly customisable and you can easily add information by selecting the data header and dragging it into the report area, and also remove data by, again, clicking and dragging the data header out of the report area and into the data header space.

To populate the report with data, you can simply Update it, which will display information for the specified time frame.  

You have the ability to create report layouts by clicking Add New Layout, providing a name, and then saving the report in the layout.  

Information on the screen can then be further filtered and grouped.  The grouping depends on the first column data header.  So for example, if you wanted to group items by their invoice number, we'll drag the invoice tab to the front of the report and that will create a different grouping format.  You can essentially repeat this process in any of the available data headers.  

You can even further filter the data by applying one of the available filters.  You may need to invest some time in researching PivotGrid Prefilter and just having a look at all the available options.

And the filtering can be easily turned off by un-ticking the relevant filter just below the report grid which will return the report to its original layout and grouping.  From here you can then easily export the data into Excel where you can easily continue making any of the necessary changes or filter the report in any way that you would like. 

More details how how to filter, format and search DEAR reports are covered in this article: