Issue to Production module can be used to write off inventory which has been lost, stolen, damaged, given away or used internally.

It can be also used to assign inventory or services used in a particular job when used in conjunction with the Job Costing module.

In order to create a new Issue to Production, you will need to navigate to:

  • The Production module and click New Issue to Production
  • Here you will need to identify the location where stock will be written off 
  • Then select the relevant expense account
  • The expense account can also be a job subaccount when used in conjunction with the Job Costing module.
  • To add a product or service to be written off, click the "Product or Service" button and then select the relevant product or service. 
  • You will need to identify the quantity which will be written off and then complete the Issue to Production. This will write off the cost of the inventory to the expense account.

In the case of job costing, the expense will be written off to the job sub-account.

You can view all Issues to Production by navigation to:

Production > Issue to Production > View All.