Disassembly can be used to break down inventory items into components. It can also be used to perform unit conversions, e.g. from tons to kilos.

To begin using the Disassembly module, you will need to:

  • Create an inventory item with the Bill of Materials.

    Please check this article for more details on how to add Bill of Materials to a product.


  • Quantity to Produce refers to the quantity of the items that will be disassembled given the underlying components.

    From here, you can:
  • Begin to add the components to this disassembly by clicking the Component button.

  • You will then need to select the relevant product into which the original product will be broken down into, specify the quantity as well as disassembly cost percentage.

  • If an underlying component is made up of 50% of the cost of the original product then we will enter in 50% into the Disassembly Cost Percentage.

To disassemble a product, you will need to navigate to:

  • The Production module and create a new disassembly.

  • In the New Disassembly screen, you will need to select the location where the item will be disassembled and select the Product Code, identify Work in Progress account, and specify the quantity of the original product that you wish to disassemble.

  • You also have the ability to calculate the maximum quantity of the product that can be disassembled.

  • You can then use the Auto Pick to automatically pick the items to be disassembled out of your inventory, authorize the disassembly, and then check the result.

Here you will need to load the Bill of Materials. The Results screen will show the quantity of the individual components that the original product will be disassembled into and this quantity can be changed in the table if required. The Labour and Overheads will also be shown and these again can be amended if required.

To complete the disassembly and import the quantity of the raw ingredients or the components into the inventory you will need to complete the task.