This function allows you to automatically reorder stock that is running low and ensures you never run out of stock.

You will need to set up relevant inventory items with low stock reorder points:

  • Navigate to the Inventory module then click Create a New Product or View an Existing List.
  • You will then need to select the relevant product and identify a Minimum Before Reorder Quantity and the reorder quantity.
  • We'll also need to ensure the suppliers are correctly identified in the supplier section.
  • You can create Add New Supplier by clicking the Supplier button.
  • Selecting the supplier is important, as this information will be used to automatically purchase an order from that supplier.

  • This product will now be automatically shown in the Reorder Stock module once the quantity gets to 3 and the reorder quantity will be another 10 units.
  • The Reorder Stock module is available within the Purchase module:

Purchase > Reorder Stock 

  • In the reorder level of stock, you are able to select the supplier from whom you would like to order the inventory.
  • By selecting the supplier you will display a list of available products that can be ordered and you can then select the products that you wish to order by ticking the relevant tick box and then clicking the Reorder button.

  • This will automatically create a relevant purchase task that you can view by clicking on the link then ensuring that all of the information in the purchase order document header is correct.
  • Authorize this order to be printed or emailed to the supplier to be fulfilled.