You can transfer the stock between two locations by navigating to:

Inventory > Stock Transfers > New Transfer

In the open screen select:

  • From Location from which the stock will be taken
  • Select to Location where stock will be transferred to
  • You will then need to select an effective date for the transfer
  • Add stock you wish to transfer between locations
  • You can provide a comment if you wish  
  • Press the Complete button

You are able to add comments to each item line if needed and you can print Inventory Adjustment Label and Stock Transfer document.

After the transfer is complete you can void or undo the transfer if you need to make any changes or want to cancel the transfer.

Please Note:

  • You won't be able to void/undo transfer if any of the items have already been used in sale/production or other stock movement.

  • You won't be able to Complete the transfer if there is a stocktake running for one of the locations involved.

  • You won't be able to produce items when the components are located in multiple warehouses (even if Available quantity is limited to All locations is set for Sale process).

  • Before completing the production please move all components required to one location where the finished goods will be located.

You are also able to see all stock transfers by navigating to:

Inventory -> Stock Transfers -> View All