1. Go to Settings > Reference Books > Product Discounts

2. Enter Discount Name - this is an internal name that you can use to keep track of your discounts.

3. Select Type -  Quantity Based  

4. You will need to specify Quantity, Type of Discount & Amount.

Type of Discount values available for Quantity Based discount:

  • Discount amount – all prices will be reduced by this Amount, e.g. ‘$10 off all stock’ campaign 
  • % Discount– all prices will be reduced by the percent specified, e.g. ‘10% off all stock’ campaign 
  • Markup Amount – all prices will be increased by this Amount.
  • % Markup – all prices will be increased by the percent specified.
  • Price Override –this Amount will be used as new price for the product.
  • Flat Amount – product total cost will be this Amount.

Note: Once the template is ready it can be used at Product, Customer Group or Individual Customer level.

A ) Assigning Discounts at Product Level

1. Go to Inventory > Products > View All and select a product you would like to apply bulk discount template to.

2. From the drop down select the discount template which has quantity based discount type then click Save.

B ) Assigning Discounts at Customer Group Level

Within the product screen go to Discounts tab and start listing all tags. For example all customers with the tag ' Wholesale ' will receive a Quantity Based Discount

C ) Assigning Discounts at Individual Customer Level

Within the product screen go to Discounts tab and select a customer from the drop down you want to sell this product at a discount to. Then select the quantity based discount to be applied to this customer.

Taking a look at how discount is shown when raising a Sale:

Go to Sale > Orders > New Sale

1. Select the customer we just previously selected to have this Quantity Discount apply to, then select the product.

2. After pressing the 'Apply Discounts' button since the quantity threshold has been met we can see the discount has been applied to the price automatically. A message will also appear confirming which discount has been applied: 

Note: The sequence of discounts:

a. Individual customer level has highest priority. It overrides all other discounts

b. If no discount at Individual customer level, customer group discount will be applied

c. If no discounts at customer and customer group levels, product level discount will be applied.