The Sale module features the following processes:

Quote - allows user to produce cost estimate of goods and/or services upon customer inquiry. This can help prospective buyers decide which company to buy from and/or receive services from.

Sale Order – this is an internal document which is generated by the company itself. It records customer’s originating Purchase Order details generated externally.

An authorised Sale Order on its own will not reduce inventory. Decrease in inventory will be in effect once handled in the shipment process.

Designed in the DEAR Inventory module, user will be able to pre-populate picking of merchandise, when user copies the Sale Order details for your convenience. This will allow ease in removing merchandise from the inventory with a single click, especially when the sale and delivery takes place at exactly the same time.

Pick, Pack, Ship – allows user to manage and track the status of orders through the fulfilment & shipment process.

Pick list is a mandatory process in the DEAR Inventory module. This process instructs the warehouse to gather the merchandise listed in the Sale order (based on quantities, serial numbers, batch numbers etc.). As this is solely a set of instructions to the warehouse that may or may not be completed, decrease in inventory will not be affected until they fully complete the shipment process. Once the merchandise are fulfilled and shipped to the customers, the shipment process will record the transaction and decrease the number of items in the inventory. The Pick list is generated for use as packing slips.

The DEAR Inventory module defines Shipping as movement of inventory from your company to the customer. Merchandise can either be shipped to the customer’s shipping address or customer physically picks them up from the company’s location. Both methods will require the Shipping process to effectively remove the sold items from the inventory.

Sale Invoice – this is a document issued by the company to the customer which indicates product and/or service details (such as quantities, agreed pricing on goods and/or services provided) and may include other additional costs (such as freight charges, fees, etc.).

Credit Note - allows user to correct errors made in a Sale Invoice which has already been processed in the system. A Credit Note should be provided to the customer and is considered a Negative Invoice.

Attachment and Activity Logs – any documents printed or emails sent through the Sale module are saved in the Attachment tab. All of the activities done by the user from the start of making a new Sale Order are logged in the Activity Logs tab.