DEAR allows you to email all Purchase and Sale Order forms from the system.

To do this:

  • Click on the ‘E-Mail’ button on the Purchase/Sale Order screen
  • Select the document you wish to email

* NOTE: is automatically entered from the supplier/customer contact information.

-  Fill out the required fields such as To (although this should automatically be filled in for you based on the information you entered in supplier/customer) and Subject line 

In General Settings you can specify the email address you will be using to send messages.

Customize Email Template:

- Open an existing template

- Edit it to your preference

Now you can navigate to 'Document & e-Mail templates' screen and upload your email template to the corresponding document template.

*Note that the 'Download E-mail' button appears only after you've uploaded your email template. 

The e-mail template example is attached to this article below.