Product Family is a group of variation for one common product.
E.g. different sizes and colors for a dress.
Products in a product family have the same price.

For example:

  • Black and white t-shirt of sizes X and L for the price $20.

Both product family and each variation have their unique SKUs in the system.

There are two ways of creating Product Family:

  • Directly through user interface
  • Bulk upload through CSV file

Product Family's variates are visible on View All Products screen and have the same usability as regular single Products. Both on Purchase and Sale Order you can use 'Add Bulk' button for bulk upload product family variations.

Creating Product Family through User Interface:

1. Navigate to:

  • Inventory > New Product Family

2. Enter all the information related to the Product Family (the required fields are the same as for regular Inventory Items), including at least one Option Label - the title for a variation (Size, Color).

3. Add values for the options.

  • E.g. for Colors the options will be Black and White.

4. Create variations:

  • E.g. Black T-shirt Size S.
  • You can add each variation separately or use button 'Generate Variations'.
  • In this example I used 'Generate Variations' button. It created all possible variations and generated SKUs for each item.
  • SKUs and Descriptions can be changed manually if required.


Creating Product Family through .CSV file:

The file used for creating product families is the same as for regular items. You can add both single products and product families into one file and upload your entire inventory.

1. Navigate to:
Inventory > View All Products.
Go to Import > Inventory List.

In the open window press the link Download template file.

If you already have already created an inventory you can Export > Inventory list on View All Products Screen and add new items to your existing list.

2. Open the file and add all variations:

  • Each variation in a separate row

In this example I have dresses:
Red and yellow sizes S and L.

For requirements on Inventory List data file please see this article

Make sure to add information related to a product family.

3. Go back to:
Import > Inventory List and upload created file.

'Add Bulk' Function

You can add Product Family variations in bulk on purchase order or sales order.

  1. Either on Purchase Order or Sale Order screen press the Add Bulk button.
  2. On the open screen specify the product family, what variations to include, quantity and price. Press 'Add Products'.