Report Filters


Let’s say in your Inventory Movement Summary Report, you want to view the Products in the ‘Main Warehouse’ Location only.


On the Location field filter, uncheck all other locations and leave the ‘Main Warehouse’ checked. Click the ‘OK’ button.

Report Format

User also has the option to rearrange the header fields to adjust the format of the report according to the user’s needs. Simply drag and drop the fields to the position you need it to be.


For example, in this report, the Month field is moved before the Product Code field. Click on the Month field and drag it before the Product Code. Drop the field.

The report will automatically adjust the columns and you can now see the Month field as part of the report’s details.

Report Prefilter

Use this dialog box to apply advanced filtering conditions to filter data in a pivot table. To open the dialog box, click on "Filter button".

You can also right-click the pivot table header (red square area) and select Show Prefilter from the menu. 

The Prefilter dialog box contains the following details:

1. OperandAn editable field containing the list of data source fields. Click the operand and select a required field from the drop-down list. (Product/Location/SKU)

2. Criteria operator A green-colored criteria operator, e.g. 'Begin with' . To set another operator for a condition, click the operator and choose another from the appeared menu.

3. Search text 

Search Box

You can use Search Box for all reports to streamline filtering - it works in database level and way more efficient then Prefilter. 

Search box also allows to search by fields not visible on the report - like additional attributes and Note area on sale/purchase orders.