ShipStation Integration

  1. Connect ShipStation to DEAR as described on the ShipStation integration page NOTE. Please use your DEAR username/password combination instead of email.
  2. Once configuration is complete you need to create sale order in DEAR, finish picking and packing.  Shipment tab should have data and invoice tab also should have data as well but both shipping and invoice can be left not authorized in case you need to add shipping cost to the invoice or check/change shipping provider. NOTE. Please make sure that client's Shipping address has suburb/city, postcode/zip code and country filled in corresponding fields but not as a part of Line1 or Line2 fields.

3.To export old or skipped orders please click on 'Resend to Shipstation' button. It won't send data immediately but rather mark sale order to be picked up next time when Shipstation tries to pull new orders. This button is only visible when Ship tab is Authorised.

4.Shipstation will pull data at regular frequency set by you (or you can trigger this manually). When data is in Shipstation you can print shipping labels and fulfill the order. Shipping cost then can be entered to DEAR invoice.