particular product cannot be sold to a particular customer

please set up either a customer or a product so that a particular product cannot be sold to a particular customer.

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  • Yes , range restrictions by Customer would be ideal..whereby you can exclude Brands, Categories, Tags, or SKUs from certain Customers. 

    Structure could be similar to Deals & Discounts, or B2B portal Catalog

    @Maxine, if you're using the B2B Portal you can restrict the products listed in the Catalog. Depending on the complexity of your needs you can set up a separate portal per Product range... we have 6 different portals, and assign customers depending on the product range they are allowed to buy

  • Re the structure, I should have clarified that it would be great to have an option to Include or Exclude.. so the Catalog of Brands, Categories, Tags, or SKUs can either be 'Excluded' or 'Included' from the list of Customers

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