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Sales report by month


Can you improve the sales report (in fact all reports) to be able to show by month. E.g. currently I am unable to view sales by product by month in the Report, it only shows as a total, not by month. 


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A report showing sales by sku by week/month/quarter/year would also be very useful along with the ability to include/exclude ceratin customers...

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In some reports you can add the Month (and/or Year) column to the Data field, which breaks down the sales into the period selected.

At the moment it appears only Month & Year are available, but agree should be able to have Week as well (maybe in Week numbers?)

Below is a screenshot of the SALE ORDER DETAILS REPORT, with Unit Sales broken down into the month, for both Qty and Sales $


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Nigel you know you can filter the Customer column, similar to a table in Excel?

thanks Daniel, yes, I wanted to make sure he same option was available in the sales by week/month/quarter/year report request

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