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Make tote numbers in the WMS app optional

I've just started using the app and find the mandatory tote number really annoying, I don't pick each order in defined totes for each order. I bulk pick then pack the orders. I find I have to make up the tote numbers and its annoying and introduces an unnecessary step in the picking workflow.

Could you please consider making the tote number optional.

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I don't understand how totes work and what they are used for. There's no documentation on how to use tote numbers effectively as well.

It's also incongruent to have one workflow for the web app and another workflow for the mobile app. 

Tote is a container generally used for order-picking and shipping of items.  Usually small in size and easily moved by hand or other lifting devices and designed to be durable and reusable.

Hi Steve

If you don't split orders by tots how do you validate what has been picked for individual order ? We can't modify process now as packing step relies on the tot number to uniquely identity the order.  Could you elaborate your workflow so we can see how we can make tot optional. 



I understand the concept to why totes are required however not all orders picked by the warehouse would be for a couple items. In our warehouse we could picked 20 or 30 different SKU's for each order which can be of all different sizes and weights which would require us to use a number of different size totes.

Doesn't using a barcode scanner eliminate the need for a second validation step (eg: pack). Could an option be instead of using a tote # - could you select which carton the item is being placed in during the pick stage?

- So the idea is to use multiple  totes/cartons for single order ? 

- How do you label your  cartons ? Can you use order number printed as barcode?  Should cartons for every order be numbered uniquely ? 

- Do you need to have a content of every carton put into the box ?  

- Do you need to add carton on the fly as you may not know how many cartons required ? 

- Can you shoot short video demonstrating the ideal process ?

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