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Dear is an excellent system and I have tested and used dozens of systems over the past 20 years. But one glaring omission is a "product detail screen" that has ALL information on a single screen (without having to open other windows).

Why do I not see the QTY and LOCATION and BIN information on the PRODUCT DETAIL page? There are tabs for prices, dimensions, images, suppliers, etc, etc. But for some reason (possibly) the most important aspect of a PRODUCT (the QTY available) is located in a completely different section and I can't even view it from this screen?

I don't think I have used a single system in all of my years that did not have ALL vital information on a single screen! I understand the need and the point of having the AVAILABILITY section. But why can't I simply "see" this information while in the more comprehensive screen featuring all other product details?

So can you please just add two fields or add an additional tab on the PRODUCT DETAIL page that will display the QTY in stock and the BIN location?

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  • I agree with this.  I just had a client mention it to me a couple of days ago.  She is wondering why Availability, arguably the most important information of an inventory management system, is somewhat buried in the system.

    Adding a tab with availability and location+bin for the given product is a great idea.  While the Movement tabs shows all of the details that lead to the availability, the availability tab would simply have the current availability.  For consistency with other language used in the system, I would title this tab "Availability". 

  • Agreed 100%. I have extensively used dozens of systems (and researched probably more than 100) in 20+ years. And this is the only time I have seen a setup like this. The problem is that this system is far better in so many other aspects so I have to sit here and just "eat it" and hope they do something about it because none of the other competitors systems come even close in so many other areas. I realize from my experience there will never be a "perfect" system, but this is one major omission that would bring Dear so much closer to "ideal" I am just not sure why it hasn't been covered yet.

    And I am no programmer (although I can do just about anything else related to technology), I can't imagine it would be all that difficult to implement this one. I realize the "availability" is integral and tightly woven into the system, however, just adding a "tab" or having "visibility" to the information in any way should be a simple task, right?

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  • Hello,

    We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add the above to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

    The DEAR Team

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