Ability to receive incorrect items

It would be very useful to be able to receive items which are delivered incorrectly, and therefore differ from the purchase invoice. 

If there is a long lead time between stock being dispatched, and received, by the time the stock is checked on arrival, deposits have likely been paid and synced to accounting software.

Currently the only way to deal with this is to undo the Purchase, go back to the original order and alter it. However, this a) distorts history and b) is a nightmare if everything is already synced, and multiple payments have been made.


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  • also allow the ability to amend delivery quantities/prices after receipt and after some product has been invoiced.. currently all related transactions must be undone if any change to the receipted stock is required.

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  • This would be very useful in our business.

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  • I am surprised dear does not allow for this currently. It is quite normal for a location to receive a different quantity than what was invoiced by a supplier. In our case ( as an importer) the invoices may have been paid a month before the discrepancy is determined at receipt. There is a need to be able to receive in what goods you have been delivered at the factory floor asap. We cannot change the invoice/order as that has been issued and paid and processed through accounting software. The difference between the invoice and receipt should then be dealt with as a posting to the account or an receipt overs/unders (much like the credit process).  Can anyone on this forum who has a similar situation where received quantity is different from invoiced quantity please describe how they deal with this?

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  • Many businesses could use this.  The Purchase Order and the receipt of the actual goods can often be different.  Greater quantities than the original PO and sometimes even different SKUs.  While I understand the importance of DEAR checking the receiving against the original purchase order, there should be a way to overcome this.

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