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Hand Held Scanning Device

I am finding that the USB scanner is just not cutting it. Dear need to develop the capacity to use a hand held scanning device which will allow better control of the inventory. It is after all an inventory system.

Stock takes are all manual and hard to do in a larger size warehouse. 

Also you can't walk around and live scan anything. Its such a slow process and its just not suitable if you are shipping the goods from Dear, which you need to do so your stock levels are correct. 

Hi Ana,

I believe DEAR is working on this.  See screenshot from the Development Roadmap below stating "Mobile app for warehouse management".  Note also the "Pick and Pack mobile app" that was released earlier for the ScanSKU device.  You can see the Development Roadmap here:




Where do we download the mobile app from for pick and pack? And is there one available for Mac?

Also regarding the Mobile app for warehouse management, Lets just hope its fast and simple to use. 

The Pick and Pack app is an Android app for which you have to use it with the specific ScanSKU device.  See more information here:

I do not know what technology platform is being used for the "Mobile app for warehouse management" as listed on the Development Roadmap.  I suspect it may be an extension of the ScanSKU app, but that is just speculation.


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it looks like there's still a whole lot of things that needs to be done manually, but its a step forward i guess...


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