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Add "Reference" or "comment" field to Purchase - Global View

Add a "Reference" or "comment" field to "Purchase - Global View" for clarity when looking back at all POs. Right now there is just a PO number, date, and supplier. 

We have several suppliers that supply us with several things resulting in multiple POs open for each supplier. When we are searching and looking back at what POs we are still waiting on, it's basically a meaningless wall of text and the need to dance in and out of multiple PO details and back to Global View to find the "Oh yeah, there's the PO I was looking for finally!"

There needs to be some way to comment on a line item in Global View for quicker recognition.

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Hi Ashton,

You could create an additional attribute set for Purchases, which would include a text line.  Then add the additional attribute as a column in the All Purchases view.  I think this will give you what you are looking for.   And the beauty of it is that it can be updated even after everything has been authorized.  See screenshot below of the list of All Purchases with the added column "Notes"




This worked really well Stan. Thanks!

It works, but it would be good to save your customers the hassle. Every single one of our suppliers provides documentation with their own reference number - some don't even bother to refer to our own purchase order number.  It would just be useful to have it as a visible number above the line, rather than additional attribute. I am glad however that you have custom attributes.

DEAR can (now) display a column for "Document #" on the View All page which is the invoice number entered for the supplier's bill.  Not the same as a general purchase "reference number" but may be what is needed in some cases.

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