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Sales summary rather than sales detail integration with Xero

My business is having trouble generating compliance (BAS) reports in Xero, due to the sheer amount of data coming in from Dear.  Xero has provided the below feedback and suggested that our invoicing program (Dear) should consolidate the multiple lines on the invoices by account code rather than listing all the stock items.

Feedback from Xero:

From our data logs for your organisation, the number of Sales Invoices and Purchase Bills have been between 900 and a 1000 over the recent months. As the invoices in Xero increase, you'll continue to experience difficulty with the Activity Statement report, and potentially other areas of Xero as well. It could reach the point where we would be unable to export the report for you.

To accommodate these sorts of volumes, we recommend you look into using a dedicated billing system outside Xero and then sending over a summary of your daily sales. If you're interested in a system like this, we have custom integration partners who specialise in these types of solutions. Please click on the link below if you'd like to explore this option further.

Alternatively, you may like to take a look at other invoicing App Partners that send through sales summaries rather than individual invoices, to reduce the amount of line items that are recorded in Xero.

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Agree 100%. This feature also must consider the impact on businesses where they process more invoices than what Xero can handle. In this instance, the business needs an effective way to manage Receivables function entirely from DEAR and not use any Xero functionality (ie. Batching all invoices for a day into one summarised invoice - so effectively no Customer by Customer debtors ledger in Xero).

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