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1.            Currently DEAR sends a notification to the default contact for the company when the sales order is converted from a quote. Why is there no option to send it to the  person who the actual quote is made out to and ordering?

2.            Notify account manager when B2B order is received

3.            Send invoice to B2B user when order is placed but not paid immediately

4.            Notify account manager when B2B order is paid

5.            Send invoice to B2B user when order is paid

6.            Notify inventory manager when low stock threshold is reached (not on every stock movement which it looks like it does right now)

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I would like to be able to use the "Sale is Shipped" email notification for my customers but I currently can not because I need to be able to filter it by sales channel. e.g. I want to disable this notifications for orders that have come via the Shopify integration as Shopify sends its own order shipped notifications.

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Currently with EMAIL notifications, enabling "Send to Customer" sends the email only to the "Default" contact on the customer profile, potentially missing important personnel such as Accounts staff.

Enabling "Send to Customer" should instead send to all contacts marked "include in emails"

This notification currently lacks the shipping parameters to include "Carrier" and "TrackingNumber" in Emails to customers,

This functionality would vastly improve it's application when it comes to notifying customers of dispatch

A suggestion for a new notification, this would allow noticifications to be emailed when the price of an existing SKU is changed, with the possibility to select one or more Price Tiers

For our application, we would use this to notify sub-distributors by email when there has been a variation in the listed price, for one Price Tier only

A suggestion for an email notification, per period, to indicate when a new product (SKU) has been listed as "I am selling this product"

For our application, we would use this to notify internal staff and sub-distributors via email when new SKU's are created, which would provide advance notice of incoming SKU's once a week/fortnight



The notification execution log is missing vital information such as "recipient of email notification" "email content" and "Sales Order Number/Link",

It's currently not possible to see who these automatically generated notifications are distributed to, or what was sent.

It would be good to see these in the "execution log" under the specific notification rule,

However, this should also be shown in "attachments" tab of the relevent Sales Order (as the manual "email" step currently does)


There needs to be roles assigned to contacts to better direct email notifications.

Eg: Often the contact in a SO is only the receiving staff member (i.e. point of contact to receive the stock) and not the Accounts personnel who should be viewing the invoice.

There needs to be some differentiation between customer contacts responsible roles — perhaps checkboxes against each customer contact, "Receiving", "Accounting", "Ordering" etc... this would allow for much more accurate email notification distribution.


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We need our customers to be able to reply to the B2B Order Confirmation Emails. Currently that is not possible if the customer simply hits reply since we are only able to add a BCC email address. If there was an option to add a CC address, the customers would be able to reply directly to the confirmation email and easily contact us with any issues they saw in the order confirmation. Every other B2B portal we have used has come standard with this feature.

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