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B2B Portal - Shipping calculator

We are welcoming all users to post suggestions here regarding shipping calculator within our B2B portal. Any recommended 3rd party shipping providers etc. 

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That's great what PLEASE expedite the integration will shipping costs based on dimensions and weight from Shipstation! That would be so fundamental

I love the progress so far. We can currently set shipping zones to be an entire country or an entire province/state within a country. It would be great to also specify a city. 

Shipping rates within the same city as the warehouse are far reduced as compared to the rest of the province/state. 

Shipping directly to a city rather than a rural location is also more cost-effective. 

Being able to break down the shipping zones into cities would be helpful. 

I would like to see a shipping option of "in person pick up". 

Some of our customers submit their orders online but then want to come in person to pick it up. 

Shipping cost estimation has been released for ShipStation and Shippit services. Integrated to Both DEAR application and B2B Portal. StarShipIt service integration for shipping cost estimates will be rolled out in 1-2 weeks.

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The ShipStation integration is great but I can't implement it until some customization is available.  As seen in my screenshot there are just too many options being displayed, including options for flat rate boxes that the item would never fit in.  We need to be able to limit which carriers and which options from those carriers show up.  We also need to be able to add a customizable handling fee and carrier pickup fee (for example, FedEx charges us for pickups so we need to be able to add that cost in for the FedEx orders only).  

I'm not sure how the integration is calculating the size for the shipments but I found one case where the integration estimate and the actual cost are about $20 difference ( for next day air in actual box size $73 vs integration shipping calc $55).  

Adding Shipping Zones has been a huge bonus in DEAR.  However, I am surprised DEAR has not go as far as implementing shipping zones down to postcode level.  In Australia, shipping to Perth is very different cost to shipping to Kalgoolie which happens to be in the same state.  To be completely satisfied, I would like to see a similar import feature like Neto has.  This is brilliant from Neto and has been a pain point for our customers who have considered switching to DEAR

Greg Kelly - DEAR Expert Partner

Coconut Consulting

Melbourne, Australia

Thanks Gred, we have  added enhancement to Shipping Zones module to our roadmap

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Our shipping is generally calculated based on a % of the total order value and also postcode based. It would be great to be able to set up shipping zones based on these variables. 

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