Report for picked items request

I need a report that will show what was picked vs backorders for advanced sale.

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When I enter stock and allocate it to certain customers and orders by placing in picking slips I then need a report that will tell me what I have picked against what is still outstanding

Hi Dear Exce,
Can I suggest that all ideas for Dear B2B (and other features) are summarised into a table and Forum Members can vote for their top three or top ten.  You will then get a priority list according to customer needs, ideas will not be lost in the depths of the forum thread and we could see any comments or questions that are thrown up by Dear.
Would also be beneficial to see whether the idea is feasible or not and if it is planned into development...

Anyone else think this is a good idea.... i'm currently losing interest in the forum since for my and other comments raised about whether anyone at Dear actually looks at this.....


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