keeping quote, sales order and invoice number in sync

It would be helpful to be able to select an option to keep the quote, sales order and invoice number the same. 
We enter an quote or order, send confirmation to customer, pick/pack/ship and then invoice. When the SO and Invoice # are different (because we voided a sale or some other situation) this creates confusion for our customers. 
Or a warning if they get out of sync would be helpful. 
Thanks for your consideration. 

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Agree, but you can realign them back in your General Settings which is a hassle.

The bigger issue is what about cases when have multiple fulfillment and multiple invoices to that one sales order (very common in Advance Sales Order).  To get numbers unique, maybe DEAR has to think about some setting for the suffix that allows something like this;

  SO-2000; (original sales order)

  IN-2000  IN-2000-1  IN-2000-2;  (3 invoices for 3 part shipped orders)

  CN-2000  CN-2000-1   (2 credit notes)

I think Unleashed does something like this.

Greg Kelly

Coconut Consulting | DEAR Expert Partner

Melbourne Australia

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We've actually changed our SO sequence numbers to a number series completely different to our invoice numbers because of the confusion this has caused. This has proven to assist both us and our customers. 

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