DEAR Inventory User Interface Enhancements

This topic is dedicated to suggestions and feature requests relating to the User Interface enhancements released 4th September 2017. Bug or issue reporting relating to the release should be sent directly to

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The UI seems to have better URL linking in the UI e.g. Under suppliers, there is a link to products supplied by that supplier. And product availability has links. Good.

Not so good: I still cannot link to product pages from the lists in either sales or purchases. This is so inconvenient!!!


Availability Search Breadcrumb Navigation

100% agree with Gary above, navigating from Availability to Product and using "back to list" **MUST** take you back in the breadcrumb trail to the Product Availability search... not redirect to All Products.

Menu Navigation Titles

It would be much clearer if the word "new" was inserted into the navigation, eg: "New Purchase", "New Simple Sale", "New Product/Sale" etc., this would differentiate between making new entries and viewing history.

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