DEAR Inventory User Interface Enhancements

This topic is dedicated to suggestions and feature requests relating to the User Interface enhancements released 4th September 2017. Bug or issue reporting relating to the release should be sent directly to

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The Good: 

- Brighter

- Customise banner and colour 

- More sale option 

- More insights on dashboard 

The Missing: 

- Text is too small and it gets really hard to see the buttons with no background colour on them

- Back ground colour on dash board making it really hard to distinguish sections, making it confusing and hard on the eye

The Needed: 

- More options on reports 

The Verdict:

Needs improvement. We spend a lot of time processing data on Dear. It would help if it is clearer and easier on the eye. 

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Bring back the narrow view. On High resolution monitors everything is too spread out with far too much empty space between items. I can zoom in my browser but the buttons/menus become comically large when doing so.

Get rid of the flashing/blanking screen whilst authorising and saving documents. This is really annoying and prevents you from doing anything with the menu whilst one document updates.

Notifications in the top right are really annoying and not as useful as the old notifications.

  • They block buttons such as "save", "back to list", "Xero synchronisation" and "settings". You can click them to dismiss but as they stack up you need to click through all of them to get to a button.
  • When creating a drop-shipment purchase order from a sale there used to be a notification that showed containing a link to the PO. Now you have to navigate to attributes to find the link and access the PO.

I'm sure there will be more to follow.

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If possible, add font size customization, to address some people finding the new font too small.  And allow the font to be even smaller for those that like that sort of thing and have huge monitors for viewing DEAR.

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Overall the interaction experience has improved greatly. The display of buttons is much more obvious buttons and data display feels a little improved as well.


When dealing with Sales Orders, multiple times per day we need to pull up a Customer's sale history to see when the last ordered, or what they have recently ordered. Presently, if you have a Sales Order open, this requires many clicks and a typed search. It would be a huge interaction improvement and time saver to be able to access a Customer's sales history with a single click from a Sales Order screen.

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Global Search from any screen. Having a search field in the header would be amazing and save a lot of time.

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Is this really a thing? It was such a process enhancement.

  • When creating a drop-shipment purchase order from a sale there used to be a notification that showed containing a link to the PO. Now you have to navigate to attributes to find the link and access the PO. 

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I've just discovered that a notification appears in the top right hand corner. With a clickable link to the PO. But by the time I'm ready to click the link it has normally disappeared.

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I agree that this is a feature loss with the PO link only appearing momentarily in the top right and then disappearing.  If you are quick you can get it, but if not you need to do the full navigation.  

Maybe it could be added to the Notifications list?  

And/or a "Recent Activity" list could be added as a new feature to the Dashboard.  

And/Or an in-page notification that does not disappear could be done.  

And/Or there could be General Settings preference for Notifications to "Banners" or "Alerts" as done on iOS and MacOS, the difference being that Banners display and then disappear on their own (as is currently the functionality) while Alerts need to be dismissed by the user (see screenshot).


The "email being prepared" and "email has been sent" notifications are in the way of the "Back to List" button.

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On the Dashboard, the Product Overview module has a feature to show Region.  The settings allow you to show Country and City only.  City???? In Australia, there is a different suburb every 2km, so that feature is useless in my opinion.  Surely "State" is more useful feature?  Keep city if you want, but please add in state.

Please expand the character limitations on NOTE fields. We use this as a live update communication for our orders, most of which are built to order with lines and lines of updates. 1024 is about half as much we sometimes need.

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Why can't I turn off the margin column in the sales order? I don't need it and really don't want all my employees seeing margin on every order. It is bad business to share such private info in such a public area. Please add the ability to disable the column at your earliest convenience!

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The order lines for the order interface is now clunky at best. 

1. Please make the alternating lines a little darker.

2. Please fix the stupidity of when editing a quantity on a order item with multiple lines. When I click on the number to edit, the edit field bounces someone over the other lines and I sometime have to scroll to  find it. 


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When viewing product availability, I cannot get back to the same screen, once I click to see more details on the product. The 'Back to List' button takes you back to Product Listing, not Product Availability. I realize with the "manufacturing ignorant" design team, they don't see this as a problem, but I assure you, it is. 

When we are searching inventories and trying to find a solution, every detailed check requires starting over.

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