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Add better management of Backorders

I know there is a report in the Report Module called "Sales Backorder Summary Report" ( that list all Backorders, but it would be great if there was a more interactive way to manage Backorders, such as viewing a list of all backordered sales like the Sale > View All module.  This would allow direct clicking through on the orders.

The only way I have come up with is to sort Sales Orders by Status and then go to the Backordered sales in the list. Unfortunately, entering "Backordered" in the search box does not return the Backordered sales. It would be good if it did.

Another way, and a more obvious one for users to find, would be to add "Backordered" to the filter dropdown list would be good.  See screenshot.




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Yes, this would be a handy feature!

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I have a post no one voted for but it's very similar to what your asking for. I'd like the ability to apply tags to orders and then those tags be in the filter. This way we can sort the list by backorder, layaway, presale, or whatever anyone else wants to keep up with. With tags it can be anything and then all the tags automatically show in the filter. Also so tags can be automatic such as for a backorder the system can apply the tag itself. Here is my post.

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I'd find this really useful.

Further - it would be great to see at a glance what item(s) are causing a sale to be back-ordered.

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This seems like a really simple fix that would help people a lot!  We had to stop offering our customers backorders, because it's so easy to lose them in Dear.  We made a lot of people mad taking their money and losing their order - so now we just don't offer that service at all.  If Dear could fix this it would stop customers going to our competitors for items we are out of stock on! 

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