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Activity Log when picking / packing orders with barcode scanner

When picking and packing orders with a barcode scanner, is there a possibility to create a activity log of the items picked and packed during each process.

Example: a customer calls up complaining that they ordered 3 of SKU123 and have been invoiced for 3 items but they only received 2. When you look at the paper pick list and it shows 3 items were checked and verified, how ever there is no way of proving that this was sent as its your word against the customer and to keep the customer happy a credit or a replacement item is sent.

If a picking log was created and each item was recorded/stamped, you can view this log and see if the items were sent or not

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Surprised that there hasn’t been many comments or noise regards to this feature as it is a very common feature in WMS to verify that an order has been picked correctly.......
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