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Description or tag column in Product Availability Screen

We have products that are used for various different motorcycle makes and models.  The makes and models have been captured under the Product tags and in the short description fields, 


Could the tags or the short description column be added to the Product availability screen?  The current view is not user/salesman friendly and it is very time consuming for any salesman to find the correct product.  Each product has to be clicked on to check the tags or description field.  If it is not the correct one, clicking on the 'back to list' takes us to View All products, and then we have to go back to Product Availability, enter in our search criteria and then start the hunt for the correct product again. If not the right product, 'back to list' and we end up at View All products (not where we started) and the entire process starts again.

 This can happen 10 times or more before the correct item is finally located.


An additional column would be make the usability of the system better suited for salesmen.

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