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next available date for out of stock items

 Would be beneficial to have a 'next available' date for out of stock items... this can be driven from the required by date on Purchase Orders.

Customers can then decide whether to back order or opt for an alternative if not available soon enough...

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I agree.. we've just converted to Dear from Unleashed, which has this feature.. and we greatly miss it :)

Like this below. You hover over the calendar icon next to the on purchase qty and it tells you the ETA of the next shipment


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i would also like this feature on the Trade Portal so clients can know when they backorder, they would have an idea as to when the item(s) may be available.


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This is a bit tricky because you need some rules. If there is 0 QOH, a PO for 50 arriving in one week and current authorised orders of 50, then all the orders would have an expected fill date of next week. But if an additional order of ten is entered, do we assume that the existing orders get priority? To avoid providing incorrect information, you need to agree on how open orders are going to be filled. 

Unleashed doesn't actually tell you the next available date, it just shows the next receipt date. What happens to that stock is unknown to Unleashed.

And what if you only fill orders when they are completely shippable: one of the existing orders may not be shipped next week because it is awaiting on stock from another order line.

I am writing a query for a client that will provide fulfilment dates for customer orders. In this case we assume orders are shipped in full, and that the priority is FIFO based on order date. They will need to make sure that bulk picking is done in this order. 


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