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Reduce number of decimals in document templates

Could you please reduce the number of decimals in the reports to a maximum of two or make it optional?

In the "Sale Statement Activity" template for example there are 4 decimals for the invoice amount. We rarely use decimals on our documents and if we do it we never need more than two.


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Hi Everyone,

Please note decimal points on DEAR documents can be controlled by adding field switches to mailmerge fields i.e  \#,##0.00. So Price field {MERGEFIELD Price} be changed to {MERGEFIELD Price \#,##0.00} for two decimal places in price, 

Here is a helpful article by Microsoft regarding formatting field codes in MS Word , explained under "Display the field results"

If you still have any question regarding this, please contact DEAR Support Team


I am very confused why there are 4 decimals. It really just confuses everyone

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