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Visible Stock availability typing up PO's and sales

The main reason for starting this topic is the need to have the available stock show in a column while typing up PO's. It would be nice for this to be an option at the least! 

(It would also be helpful for typing up sales orders - the available quantity is only visible if you add items line by line. Ideally this would show after the product is ordered show you're able to view any shortages before authorizing the "ORDER" stage). 

Back to purchase orders though - when creating PO's in DEAR, we always have to have a separate tab open to view product availability. It's super helpful to have that number visible next to each product listed line by line so we don't have to reference a separate sheet, page, tab, etc to see what's currently in stock. 


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This would be incredibly helpful and every other system we've looked into supports this feature...

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