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Undo a invoice without undoing the whole Purchase/Sale task

Is it possible to add a “undo” button on the tab “Invoice” and “Stock Receive”, like it on “Pick”, “Pack” and “Ship”(please find the picture below), to just simply undo a particular action rather than to undo the whole process including order and stock receive, so that it would not involve other users in this loop?


If not, when stocks are received in April and transactions are locked before May, it would be impossible for users to undo the invoice created in June and amend the mistakes on the invoice.

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Agreed, just like we can undo pick, pack, or ship, would be useful to undo just the invoice.

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indeed, fixing this would also alleviate the problem of UNDO randomly assigning locations as discussed in my feature request here

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This is badly needed.  And is needed for both Purchases and Sales.  Here are additional reasons why:

1. As soon as a purchased product arrives, it is checked into inventory and attributed to sales.  Undoing an invoice needs to be available to fix issues with an invoice (which can come up 30 days after inventory is received) without the need of unlocking inventory.  When one tries to undo an entire purchase, you have to first undo all the sales that the inventory has been attributed to.  Way counter productive.

2. Simply changing a date, tax code or an account and saving, doesn't put that invoice in the buffer to sync to outside accounting apps (as well as other important things that authorizing does).  I has to be re-authorized and in order to do that, see point 1.

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Agreed, this would be extremely beneficial

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