DEAR POS BETA Suggestions/enhancements

Please let us know how we can improve DEAR POS.

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I have Four feature requests / issues for DEAR POS.

1) - When inventory level in Dear Inventory = "0" then remove the item from POS on next 'synch". This eliminates possibility of 'selling' an item that doesn't exist. i.e if the cashier has to manually key in an item due to scanning issues etc.

It seems like the inventory still shows in POS even though its been sold and no more exist.

2) If a user has an email address in their account, please autopopulate the email address if you select to send the invoice by email. Currently (as far as I can tell) you have to manually enter in the email address each time, even if you're selling to an existing customer who has a valid email address in the system.

3) An easy way to fix payment errors once it has been completed sales at DEAR POS. Currently seems the only way at POS is to find the sale, cancel, and reprocess it. 

Or go into Dear Inventory and edit the sale transaction in the backend.

It would be good to find the sales order and simply alter the payment method and be done with it.

4) Add the Option for a "Payment Type Detail Report" (currently only has a Payment Type Summary report). 

i.e it would be good to have the option to see a more detailed payment type report that shows each what each  transaction/sales used what payment method.  Grouped and sub totalled by payment method.

This will help to identify Sales processed incorrectly i.e selecting Visa instead of Mastercard etc when balancing the till at the end of the day.

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A couple of points around customers:

- when creating a customer through POS - automatically set the default location of this customer to the location of the POS (currently allocates it to the global system default).

- When creating a new customer - show a field for company as well. 

- Need some way to identify customers who buy through POS. We can use this information for newsletter listing etc. So a default tag, group, location, sales person, something that would later allow us to report on these customers.

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Can we get some more printer options? In particular a Epson ethernet or bluetooth option?

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Please can you allow cashiers to email/print the latest cashup/register closure. 

It would also be very beneficial to have the ability to edit POS user roles, as many clients using the POS don't strictly have a Cashier or Manager, and require greater flexibility in the permissions.

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