DEAR POS BETA Suggestions/enhancements

Please let us know how we can improve DEAR POS.

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I agree with comments above. My main items would be customer facing screen integration, payment gateway integration, and a tick box in dear inventory product setup to add product to POS instead of just via the integration screen. This would save double entry.

We are enjoying DEAR POS and we believe that it will help keep our inventory straight since we will not be using a 3rd party system. We have 6 brick and mortar stores, 4 online retail stores, and full production and DEAR Inventory helps to keep everything tracked and accurate, so we are excited to get our stores using it as well. However, these issues are holding up our transition to DEAR POS full time. They are in order from most important to less important to our needs.

-More Credit Card Payment options: It appears Square is the only payment integrations DEAR POS supports. We have Dejavoo terminals and it would be expensive to get new payment terminals. 

-Ability to Import Previous Loyalty: We appreciate that there is loyalty function built into DEAR POS, but we need the ability to bring out loyalty from our other POS system.

-Gift Card function

-Better Search engine: Being able to use Key words and have it bring up every product with that keyword. Also when searching an Item the ability to have more than 10 products show up in the  search. A scrollable search screen would be sufficient. 

Scanner integration. When you try to set up the scanner it appears that the screen in incomplete. We do not have any barcodes show up when we go to scanner set-up. 

One reason I'm switching to Dear is the POS you guys are working on because I really want one system that's all tied seemlessly. I would love to see Dear POS integrate with the credit card terminal Clover Mini from First Data. The Mini is a terminal that uses a android based platform and they have apps and plug-ins for it. They have a app that POS developers can use to integrate the Clover Mini credit card terminal into and Web based POS system. I would LOVE to see this happen. Also you can develop a dear app for clover mini terminal that when a user installs it they can easily connect it to thier Dear account (several POS systems have this for the mini). Every mini owner will be able to see your integration app in the clover mini app store and I'm sure a lot of them would like to start using Dear. I contacted every inventory management and POS company in the app store but non of them had what I needed.

Allow for cash drawer functionality in API when using any printer. 

Please add a payment option for EFT

Add ability to view stock available for given location each product, similar to how it works when entering an order directly into DEAR.

With the POS being new and in beta can anyone tell me if it's really ready for prime time? It seems fairly complete and ready for use but I'd really like to hear from users. Is there anything we are likely to face that will be a significant challenge? We have a clothing store that offers layby and we also do a lot of preorders and special orders. We will use a combination of scanning items as well as just keying in the sku when ringing people up. Are there some areas of the software that would likely cause us some issues?

Please add a payment type for EFT

Please allow adding/editing customer tags within the POS

Please allow services to be listed on the POS so that we can charge our customer for our knife sharpening services or other services. 

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Slow to respond when changing users 

Slow to respond on iPAD when typing in the PIN 

No customisation of payment options – like bank deposits Initial quick key load does not load the images 

Cash ups are still only by user, not by register – all of our clients run retail outlets with a cash drawer, and need to cash up based on this 

No credit card payment type distribution to separate GL accounts for each register 

Reporting required on payment type split over outlet or register 

Reporting required on register closures Customer details – all fields are mandatory – not great for capturing only relevant information

Would love to be able to use the POS as a trade show order taking platform similar to what is currently done by Handshake. 

There's no product pickup at a trade show - just barcoded samples on display and customers ordering those samples for a future delivery date. The system needs to be able to pull up a prior customer from the list or be able to quickly add a new one then add products and quantities by scanning the product's barcode before finally sending an order acknowledgment to the customer. Payment processing is done when the order is fulfilled so not very important. 

Can anyone suggest if the POS can handle something like this and what the workflow would look like?  


!!!!! There’s a major usability issue when Parking sales. If a user wants to park a sale they would naturally want to click the “P” button instead of the “...” If they do that they’ll immediately lose the whole order they just wrote. Please map the “P” button to automatically save an order to Parked if there are any items in the “cart” so this doesn’t happen (or to bring up the same dialog as “...”) We are trying to adapt the POS so we can take orders at trade shows. Parking a sale will be similar to leaving it open so more items can be added at a later time.
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