DEAR POS BETA Suggestions/enhancements

Please let us know how we can improve DEAR POS.

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This POS is a really great addition!! I am used to the VendHQ POS and it's working pretty good so far. I tried many other POS in the past and theirs seems to be the most efficient on the the "checkout side". If you could get near what they have done, it would be amazing!


Here are my few first suggestions after a few minutes playing with it:


Search side:

- Search bar needs "on-the-go" search so we don't have to click search or press Enter every time.

- I didn't try with the scanner yet, but a duo SCAN+Enter that add the item right into the checkout would be appreciated when there is only one result.

- Search bar should be shown right away when we open the register (why the need to click the search button to show it at first??).

- A possibility to see the search results as a list instead of huge images which fits only 9 items per pages, creating many pages. IT could be a list with smaller images on the left side as seen in the checkout already or a bit bigger.


Checkout side:

- Delete icon on every item line

- No "apply" when changing quantities, simply a text field as VendHD does maybe? It is way faster this way! One click modif. We need fast & easy steps when working on the register.

- Possibility to change the price or add different discounts on every item line (manual adjustment) (a text field as VendHD again seems the easiest/efficient way)


Needed: a product section

- to make modifications

- and the most impostant to us, to check available Inventory quantities (and movements of inventory too)


Other Fixes:

- Need to "re-login/register selection" every time I refresh the page

- Password didn't seem to accept "@" character (not sure about this one)

- Taxes seem buggy. All my prices are tax inclusives and even if I tried all different options (setup and outlet tax options combinaisons), the taxes never showed up as included. They were always added on top of the price for some reason.


That's it for now, hope this helps!



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We also use Vend. Critical things we would need to consider making a switch to Dear POS:

  • Quick keys
  • Mail Chimp integration

In terns of payments we use: Tyro integrated payments (Credit Card Processing)

Searching a customer with an "é" character in the name returns no result.

I see that the POS has been upgraded to 1.0.39, where can we see the new improvements and fixes?


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When you add new user to POS (under User Management tap)

No email received to that user saying ... you have new account created by XYZ & here are the login details ! 

How the new user will notify then ? 

Would you please check?  

Some feedback on the POS system so far:

 - Quick Sale - Inputting the price, you automatically assume tax is ON TOP of that, I sell including GST. Options for this (check box perhaps, or settings option?)

 - I can't see how to return a product. 

 - Mid sale, products are entered and a customer wants to add or change a product - there's no way of going back easily to the purchase page

 - Will there be options for having 'Best sellers' or similar on the front POS screen as opposed to the blank screen?

 - When adding a customer, sometimes people have the same name. When searching for them, can you have their address or email as a sub-text line under their names to verify it's the correct person? And/Or, a way to open up their details by clicking that name (perhaps the same box that comes up as when you click Add New Customer, just with all those details filled in) so their details can be easily amended or updated

- Will this work Offline? And update once back online?

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Not sure I understand how this is supposed to work - was hoping that this will work offline at trade show or for sales representatives for taking orders on the road - it does not work without an active internet connection. 

Anyone knows a way that this can be done?

Using the POS to take wholesale orders: 

1. Need an option to "Place Order" in addition/instead of "Pay"

2. Need the option to change the order date to a future ship date

3. Need an option to set the "sales terms" (Net-30, COD etc)

4. Currently "Lay By" can't be canceled in POS

5. Work offline via app or something similar

Maybe a hybrid DEAR POS works in conjunction with DEAR Portal type solution? 


Will likely add more as I continue to test.

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This is a general comment on your development direction, not specifically POS.  

I'm not sure I speak for everyone but we chose Dear systems to control inventory primarily.  We researched several systems and your one seemed to do the best job as our manufacturing setup was quite complex.  If feel that you are putting too much resources into things like POS and business to business sales facilities that other companies already do very well and in many cases plugin to Dear already.  From our point of view it would be much better if you put your resources into improving what to you do already.  There is much to to be done on the Production side which has little or no bulk time saving tools and Purchasing could so with updating as well.  Otherwise you run the risk of doing lots of things badly.


James, Thanks for the comment. If you believe you can describe in more details your needs for better production and purchasing features we will be happy to add them to our app. As for POS and B2B modules we just don't want to be behind our competitors, most of them introduced the same features recently.

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I too can't really figure out were exactly you are going. I also wonder how you will be able to keep up with shopping cart innovations like Shopify does at the moment.

More than an inventory system, I think having a B2B portal is a perfect match to the already existing inventory and production management.

Also improvement on all that is accounting sync with QBO / XERO.

However I have the same concern than James regarding POS and B2C store.

With that said, so far you are an awesome team and I can't beleive how fast you implement new features and fix bugs etc :-)

Keep up the good work!

When closing the register, the ability to modify credit card totals before closing off. 


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Dear actually needed to implement an in-house POS system, so no concern from us devoting resources to it. We currently use Vend and there is a known integration issue where inventory updates in Vend (which happens every time there is a sale) resets reorder points and minimum points back to zero in Dear Inventory. It's an integration problem on the Vend side so currently there is nothing Dear can do about it.

Summary of ideas with previous commenters (thanks to all for this Dear community):

  1. "On-the-go" search results, similar to Vend. Dear Inventory already does this on many forms (Sales, Purchase Orders, etc)
  2. An actual search box instead of first having to click on search symbol to type, similar to Vend
  3. More search results with smaller pictures in list form, similar to Vend
  4. Possibly add customers to the same search box. If not possible to add, then a customer searchbox with same real-time updating search results.
  5. Addition of customer codes, similar to Vend (we use rfid tags per customer)
  6. Scanner with positive beeps for barcodes in system and negative beeps for barcodes not in system, similar to the breaking glass sound in Dear Inventory
  7. Line item discounts and price adjustments in addition to current total discount option
  8. Carry over of discount rules set in Dear Inventory
  9. Integrated payments for credit card processing
  10. Customer facing pos screen
  11. "Check" as a payment option, or better yet the ability to add custom payment options (Square etc.)
  12. Carry over Tax Rule for each customer. This way tax-exempt customers will automatically not be charged tax and regular customers will. Dear Inventory Sales already does this.
  13. More printer options
  14. The Sub-Total, Discount, Tax and Total amounts should remain static at the bottom. They disappear when many line items are added to the checkout.
  15. Ability to modify any total before closing out. Haven't tried but Kiel mentioned this. Normally available in POS systems.


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Add Stripe integration to the POS system. We're using Stripe with the DEAR ordering system now, and would like to have full compatibility for Stripe on the POS system.

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Can we have some Epson Ethernet Receipt Printing options please

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