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Integration with Walmart Marketplace

Hi - I am looking for an inventory management system that will allow me to publish inventory held at a warehouse to online platforms such as Amazon, eBay and now WMM. I see it is not on the road map but I would say there is large demand for this as various Amazon 3P sellers establish themselves on WMM. 

Is this something that would get added to the roadmap and prioritized?

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We too would like this to be added. We are now setup with Walmart and need integration with DEAR and shpstation.

I have several clients who might be interested in DEAR having a direct integration with Walmart. In order to deal with this today, they integrate ShipStation with Walmart and then have sales flow to DEAR Inventory from ShipStation.

I will try the ShipStation work around, though I can't see how that would give me the ability to publish inventory levels into WMM, which is the utopian goal :)

Hi Phillip - I apologize for not responding.  You are right that integrating via ShipStation will not provide you with the ability to publish inventory levels to WMM.

FYI product team - I have had a couple of additional requests for Walmart integration recently, including one today.

We also need WalMart integration  :)   

You should also consider

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