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User Permissions

Please consider adding functionality to User Permissions to simplify management of these settings. A csv export of a complete table for instance would be very useful. We currently have 23 users with varied functions within the company and it is rather awkward to compare and maintain settings. There's also no way to copy or clone a user's settings as far as I can see but a csv import would meet this.  

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I would like to add another request.  Can you allow setting a User Role Profile.  This could be the default settings for a role such as Purchasing, Sales Order Entry, Inventory Order Fulfillment.  With a default role set of permissions we can quickly add a user and know the settings are the same for each role.

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When setting up new users, a few small improvements would be helpful:

1. add a note on the screen to indicate that permissions need to be set individually for each user before they can access anything.

2. the ability to set permissions before users have enrolled - otherwise it's 2 separate steps for the admin and easy to forget

3. some standard pre-set roles - as above

4. the ability to select and de-select a whole module of checkboxes with one click rather than every one individually


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Agreed with all of the above.  See also separate, related feature request here:

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