Seeking API Developers

I am looking to create a list of developers who are interested in working with DEAR customers to integrate systems with DEAR Inventory via the DEAR API.

Do you have a developer who successfully integrated DEAR Inventory and another system who might be interested in doing additional DEAR integrations?

Or a developer who might be interested in making DEAR Inventory integrations a part of their work?

Potential developers can learn more about the DEAR API here:

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi there,

    I have integrated DEAR System API with warehouse system. you can add me to the list. thanks


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  • manjeet can you call me at +1 502 303 4518 you can also wats app me 

  • Hey does anyone know of any UK based developers - we are switching to a new 3PL and need the system to be updated via the API. 

    Many thanks,


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  • Hello Cheryl,

    I am canada based, i can help you guys for API integration. thanks



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  • Hi Stan, please add me to the list :)

    I have done a number of integrations with other API's and custom systems. I have also made chrome extensions to simplify / augment the Dear interface (eg, making certain fields required). Would be happy to advise and help other users.

    Timothy (

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  • Do you have an Australian based company?

  • I am based in the USA and work with businesses from the East Coast to Hawaii.

  • Hi Stan,

    How many names did you get? Any specific project you are working on?

    @Stan Ward,Manjeet, Timothy Solomon can we connect trough LinkedIn?

    Mine is :

    Anyone work with both DEAR and Shopify API ?

    Cheers :-)

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  • Hello,

    We're looking for a developer based in Canada or the USA to integrate our DEAR and OPENCART sales orders.

    Please email to: info /AT/ stokhaus /DOT/ com


  • Is the list still being built?

    I'm a UK based developer and I've integrated Dear with customer web sites using the API in versions 1 and 2.

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  • Hi Ricky,

    Sure this list is still being built.  You just added yourself to it.  :-)

    Feel free to add contact information so that people can find you, including me.



  • Thanks Stan:).

    My contact details are ricky.hobson at and my twitter details are @hobsonricky.

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  • I forgot to add a link to my LinkedIn and Website on my previous post.

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