Enhance Aditional Attributes type formating and default??

When one copies a Sales Order and or a Purchase Order it would be most helpful if you could designate if data contained in an Additional Attributes field of the original SO or PO could be copied over to the newly created SO/PO.  One must go into the newly created SO/PO and re enter the Attribute data into the fields.  This is not efficient.  Dev could place a tic box in the "edit attribute set" that would designate if the attribute would be set to a default and if the value would be carried forward upon coping the SO/PO.

In addition it would be very helpful to add additional formatting options when creating or editing Additional Attributes.  The "type" allows for "Not used, List, Checkbox, or Text".  Dev could add "Date" and "Number" so that when sorting the results will align?

Thank you for your consideration to this tweak!!

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