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API for stock transfer and adjustment?

We're using stock location and bins to track raw materials (inventory). We'd use bins like shelfA, printerA, printerX and automatically do stock transfers based on IoT sensors on the printers. We also want to automatically create a stock adjustment into a WIP expense account.

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Yes please.

I looked over the roadmap, but I didn't see much about the API on the roadmap at all. Is there a separate roadmap for the API?

For some of the cartridges, we're tapping into data from the printer to read the serial number of the material cartridges. 

For the rest, we're planning on just using manual barcode scanners to initially. If we can get that working, we'll build some raspberry Pi based RFID readers that we can attach to the machines.

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If I am understanding this correctly, the feature request is pretty interesting in terms of Internet of Things (IoT) functionality. This sort of feature would start to open the door for RFID for stock movement through bins and locations.

What sort of IoT sensors are you using Carlo?

I'd love this feature!

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