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Integration with Magento 2.x

Interested in DEAR integration with Magento 2.x?

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Yes. The time for migrating to Magento 2 is getting closer and we need to be sure our systems can come with us.

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Magento 2 was released over a year now and there is still no integration option with Dear. Surely it can't be that difficult to get this done.

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Agreed... Magento 2 is needed. Also change Magento integration so it can manage product that were created in Magento or Dear. Right now products need to be created in Magento to be managed by Dear. But you need to generate the PO to Vendor in Dear. So it's like a weird 4 step process.
1. create po in dear.
2. create product in Magento
3. sync dear Magento
4. bring in PO in dear.
or something like this.

This render Magento completely useless for dear. I have now stopped using my awesome Magento site because the integration is so backwards. Magento needs an inventory management system but sync should work bi-directional.

Please when Magento 2 gets added include bi-directional sync or at least sync if the product is created in dear.

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To add to this, it would be great for support to stop replying "you can use API to do all this". API usage is awesome if we were all programmers. I completely understand there are other priorities for Dear developers at present. But if they too busy, at least provide alternative external developers that can create needed apps. Paying for needed service isn't an issue but leaving us stranded is just wrong.

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To Jamin. In relation to how Dear currently integrates with Magento 1.x you outlined, unfortunately there isn't much Dear developers can do. It's the limitations caused by Magento 1.x architecture. Magento 2.x is a different beast with different architecture. It is provisioned for integration with PIM systems. That is, you can push products directly from PIM platforms like Dear to Magento 2.x.

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Rebuilding our old Magento 1.5.1 site which would not work with Dear integration. Really want to build it on Magento 2.x but wondering on actual realistic date when Deer will have integration available? Magento is discontinuing support for 1.9.x in another year.

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