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Product Availability search

When you do a search in Product Availability screen and you look at a product, on exiting using Return to List it takes you back to View All screen. It would be nicer if you were taken back to Product Availability Screen.

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Completely agree with this too. I think all other screens (such as sales orders, purchase orders) have been updated and retain the search but Availability doesn't.

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Yes, this is an everyday annoyance!!

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Hey guys, as a workaround open up the product record in a new tab (hold down control when you click the link or right click) and then once you are finished looking at the product in the new tab simply close it and the availability report will still be open in the original tab. Hope this helps!

Very important feature - please do it Dear!

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Yes, this is very very frustrating when checking the stock availability. It actually seems more like a bug than anything. 

Still seeing this was posted over a year ago it obviously isn't much of a concern to Dear for some reason?

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