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courier track-and-trace links in emails how-to

We send a link to the courier's track-and-trace webpage for boxes we ship and this quick hack was the easiest way I could see to do so in DEAR. 

Set up the URL to the track-and-trace as the "carrier" in Settings.  We use two different couriers, plus the option to pick up.

Add these MailMerge fields to your email template:


The result comes out like the attached screenshot.  It's worth noting that some email clients like Gmail will only format the <<carrier>> as a clickable link...I've tried adding various bits of html and the Excel <hyperlink> tags to no avail so if anyone knows a workaround please let me know!

Hope this helps somone.

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This is interesting!  I wonder if I pasted the URL in with the tracking number (you could cut and paste it each time which is a hassle) if you could show the carrier and have the link with the tracking too.  I might try.

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