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Bulk edit products to remove from woocommerce

At present the only way to hide products from the woocommerce site but retain them in Dear is to select each and every individual product and click ‘remove from woocommerce’. It would be helpful to have a way to bulk edit products when there are a lot that shouldn't be displayed on the website. Just a simple checkbox down the side of the product list so you could tick all the products you wanted to remove would be great.

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As someone who has needed to unlink/remove hundreds and hundreds of products one by one in the DEAR > WooCommerce integration (on multiple occasions) this would be a great feature.

The same could be said for any of the other eCommerce integrations - a "Bulk Unlist" feature would be great.

For usability purposes and to prevent anything being accidentally or unexpectedly deleted or unlisted, after selecting products for unlisting via a checkbox, DEAR should probably pop up with a box asking "Are you sure you want to bulk unlist 600 items" with a "Yes" or "No" option.

I would love this option!

Really need this idea to be implemented. We would only like half the items on Woo-Commerce.

An export/import feature like our inventory on DEAR would be ideal.

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